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In response to the immediate humanitarian needs of crisis affected populations of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, UNFPA and partners provided at the beginning of April 2019, 691 boxes of assorted Emergency Reproductive Health (ERH) kits. The kits worth $ 206,547 USD were sent to these regions where conflict opposing government defense forces and non-state armed groups has persisted since 2016. The medical supplies and equipment are sent to selected facilities, comprising of primary and secondary health structures. They are to meet various lifesaving reproductive health needs of an estimated 630,000 persons.

ERH Kits
Emergency Reproductive Health kits received
at a hospital in Buea

In both regions, about 82,000 conflict-affected persons (Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host population) have been identified as being of concern. There has been extensive damage to a good number of basic social services: schools, hospitals and other public facilities have either been closed down, disrupted or destroyed, leaving many in precarious living conditions with limited or no access to services. Where health facilities are open, the numerous road blocks and insecurity has resulted in difficult movement of persons and goods leading to limited stocks and the lack of critical supplies for provision of basic social services.

UNFPA’s emergency support targets most vulnerable women, girls and adolescents. Besides the provision of much needed sexual and reproductive health supplies, it also consists of the deployment of national and international humanitarian staff.  At present, the most vulnerable populations are at high risk of complications of pregnancy and delivery, sexual violence such as rape, transmission of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), as well as unwanted pregnancy and complications due to limited access to contraception.

The humanitarian team is providing technical support in training national response partners in lifesaving techniques to reduce the maternal and newborn suffering and death as well as prevent and treat sexual violence.  Through this humanitarian response, UNFPA re-affirms its engagement in ensuring access to reproductive health and rights for all, such that ‘No One is Left Behind’

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