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In response to an increasing demand for medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment to take care of more than 2074 persons infected from the COVID-19, UNFPA donated an emergency assistance to the Cameroon National Health Emergency Operations Center. The aid handed over to these frontline professionals comprised of a large assortment of items such as medical shoe covers, disposable gowns, examination and surgical gloves, masks, hand sanitizer gel and many others.

“This donation is timely and tailored to response to our operations’ basic needs. We were close to a shortage of these essential supplies while taking care of the fast-growing number of infected persons”, affirmed Onana Thaddée, the Center’s head of the logistics department.

According to the ministry of Public Health, the Centre Region is most hit by the pandemic, with Yaounde being the most affected city. Here, not less than 126 health professionals are involved in four health facilities, including isolation sites set-up in Olembe stadium, Military stadium and the Mvog Mbi neighborhood. The infection has spread in all the ten Regions of the country. In the meantime, sensitization campaigns involving public authorities at different levels, civil society organizations and development partners, have been scaled-up to limit further development of the disease.  

At the outbreak, when the first COVID-19 case was declared in Cameroon on  the 6th March 2020, UNFPA adapted its Work Plans to integrate Covid19 response components both in terms of programming and operations, in line with the national response. Thus, the donation given to Cameroon Health Emergency Operations Center is part of a more comprehensive support that UNFPA is committed to provide to Cameroon.